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Do you ever find yourself in a tight spot after discovering a crack in your car windscreen? You then panic and let your thoughts run wild about the repair cost. Well, it’s common to react as such because car repairs can be costly without the proper coverage.

This is why having a valid and comprehensive car insurance policy is crucial, especially if you want to avoid costly repairs to your car windscreen. In fact, most car insurance policies only offer windscreen coverage as an add-on, including Allianz Insurance.

This article explores all about windscreen insurance, the documents you need to present, the registered panel workshops to visit, and how to make your windscreen claim from Allianz Insurance.

Why should you add windscreen coverage to your car insurance?

The reason is simple; you do not need to pay for your damaged windscreen’s repair or replacement cost. Adding windscreen coverage to your main car insurance policy covers your front and back windscreens, all door windows, and sunroof glass windows.

In its simplest form, your windscreen insurance will cover the cost needed to repair or replace these glass parts in case they are damaged. Plus, this type of insurance add-on usually comes in handy for long-distance road travellers because it can be expensive to replace a car windscreen.

What are the documents needed to make a windscreen claim?

Some people assume that making a windscreen claim requires a number of supporting documents. However, Allianz Insurance makes it simple for its policyholders to make their windscreen claims.

This includes submitting the following supporting documents:

  • Completed Simplified Claim Form
  • Original repair or replacement bill
  • Photographs of damage or police report

Before making your windscreen insurance claim, inform your insurance company about the damage and assistance needed. This will help them to do a cross-check with the panel workshop that you visit.

Which windscreen panel workshop is registered with Allianz Insurance?

When you contact your insurance company about the damage to your car windscreen, they will usually provide you with a list of registered panel workshops. You can also search for the list on the Allianz Auto Assist app to simplify the process.

Once you have identified the nearest Allianz panel workshop, you can rest assured that the workshop, like Windscreen2U, will take care of the claim and repair process. Sending your car for a windscreen repair at this workshop is hassle-free as you need not present a police report.

Besides, they will repair your damaged windscreen using a good quality windscreen made in Japan that lasts longer. You can expect a quick windscreen repair within two hours compared to other workshops’ standard windscreen repair process.

How to make your windscreen claim from Allianz Insurance?

Claiming your windscreen insurance from Allianz is pretty straightforward. You should first contact Allianz for a list of registered windscreen panel workshops and send your car to the nearest one.

Before that, you should gather evidence of how your windscreen was damaged. This should be submitted alongside the necessary supporting documents for your windscreen claim. At the same time, this will ensure that your windscreen claim doesn’t get rejected.

If the damage to your windscreen was caused by accident, make sure to lodge a police report within 24 hours at the nearest police station. Submit the police report for your windscreen claim.

After that, you can send your car to an Allianz panel workshop and hand over your keys to the mechanic. The panel workshop will repair or replace your damaged windscreen as they see fit. Once done, you can drive off with a new or repaired windscreen without paying for the repair cost.

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