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Windscreen Price List in Malaysia Updated 2024

(updated January 13th, 2024)

Windscreen Price 2024

Windscreen Coverage Price List

Your car is a valuable asset, and the car windscreen is one of the most important parts. If your windscreen is damaged, it can impair your vision and endanger your safety. Therefore, it is important to know the price of your car’s windscreen and how to protect it from damage.

On this page, we will list the prices of windscreen for various car models in Malaysia. We will also provide information on how to get windshield insurance coverage for your car.

With this information, you can make the right decision about how to protect your car’s windscreen and ensure that it is safe and functioning properly.

As mentioned earlier, the coverage includes the cost of the windscreenlabour charge, and tinted solar film that you previously installed for your car windscreen.

Why should I have windscreen coverage?

The windscreen coverage provides protection, repair or direct replacement for:

      • Front windscreen

      • Back/rear windscreens

      • All door windows

      • Sunroof glass

    In this article, we discuss the importance of having windshield coverage, the cost of repairing or replacing a damaged windscreen.

    As with any insurance product, adding windscreen coverage to your car insurance policy ensures that if your windscreen breaks due to damage/stone chips/break-ins, you don’t have to fork out a chunk of money to repair or replace your broken windscreen

    This is because the insurance will cover the cost needed to replace the windscreen such as the cost of the windscreen, labour charge, and tinted solar film that you previously installed for your car windscreen.

    That said, there are 3 types of car insurance plans:

    • Third-party cover – Your insurance policy will pay for the damages you caused on others like damages to their cars or properties, bodily injuries and death.
    • Third-party, fire and theft – Your insurance policy will not only cover everything that’s covered by a third party policy, but also the cost of damages of your own car due to fire and theft.
    • Comprehensive cover – The most comprehensive car insurance policy that covers all of the above as well as your losses and damages of your own car due to an accident. It’s also the only type of car insurance plan that offers windscreen coverage.

    Without a windscreen coverage

    Imagine you had an accident which damaged your windscreen, you will have to pay RM1,000 to get it replaced. Alternatively, you can claim from your comprehensive car insurance coverage to replace the windscreen. However, you will lose your NCD (No Claim Discount), causing you a bigger loss and a more expensive insurance premium the next year.

    With a windscreen coverage

    While you may have to spend RM150 for the coverage, you can save RM850 if your car windscreen breaks due to damage/stone chips/break-ins. Besides, you get to claim from your windscreen coverage plan while leaving your comprehensive car insurance policy untouched. This means no change in your NCD and more savings for you.

    What is included for windscreen replacement cost

    Windscreen Replacement Price List, updated on January 13th, 2024.
    Below are recommended windscreen insurance coverage value, the coverage included:

    ☑ original windscreen
    ☑ accreditated glass bonding kits and surface preparation
    ☑ installation fees covered with lifetime workmanship warranty
    ☑ Ultra HD solar control film/tinted film


    Windscreen Price For Perodua

    Car ModelCoverage Value (RM)Price to Pay (RM)
    Perodua Alza (2009-2021)60090
    All-New Perodua Alza (2022+) (Camera)
    Perodua Aruz1,100165
    Perodua Aruz (Camera)
    Perodua Ativa D55L1,200180
    Perodua Axia (2014-2023)60090
    Perodua Axia (Camera) (2019-2023)
    Perodua Axia D74A (2023+)
    Perodua Bezza700105
    Perodua Bezza (Camera)
    Perodua Kancil50075
    Perodua Kelisa60090
    Perodua Kenari60090
    Perodua Myvi (2005-2011)60090
    Perodua Myvi (2011-2018)60090
    Perodua Myvi (2018+)800120
    Perodua Myvi (Camera)
    Perodua Myvi (Camera)(2021-Present)1200180
    Perodua Kancil50075
    Perodua Kelisa60090
    Perodua Kenari60090
    Perodua Rusa60090

    Windscreen Price For Proton

    Car ModelCoverage Value (RM)Price to Pay (RM)
    Proton Arena60090
    Proton Exora800120
    Proton Ertiga1,500225
    Proton Gen260090
    Proton Inspira1500225
    Proton Iriz1000150
    Proton Perdana (1995-2010)1000150
    Proton Perdana (2013–2015)1500225
    Proton Perdana (2016–2020)1500225
    Proton Persona (2007–2010)60090
    Proton Persona (2016+)1000150
    Proton Preve1000150
    Proton Saga/Iswara60090
    Proton Saga BLM/FL60090
    Proton Saga (2016+)800120
    Proton Satria60090
    Proton Satria Neo800120
    Proton Suprima S1000150
    Proton Savvy60090
    Proton Waja60090
    Proton Wira60090
    "Proton X50 Standard, Executive"2250337.50
    Proton X50 Premium (Camera)
    "Proton X70 Standard, Executive"2150322.50
    Proton X70 Premium (Camera) (2018-2021)
    Proton X70 Premium MC1 (2022+)2600390
    Proton X903000450

    Windscreen Price For Honda

    Car ModelCoverage Value (RM)Price to Pay (RM)
    Honda Accord SV4 (1993-1997)1,000150
    Honda Accord S84 (1999-2004)1,000150
    Honda Accord UA/SDA (2004-2007)1,000150
    Honda Accord TAO (2008-2013)1500225
    Honda Accord T2A (2014-2019)2500375
    Honda Accord CV (2020+)2500375
    Honda BRV1500225
    Honda City SX8 (1996-2002)80090
    Honda City GD8/MN (2003-2008)80090
    Honda City GM2/TMO (2008-2013)1000150
    Honda City GM6/T9A (2014-2020)1200180
    Honda City GN (2020+)1500225
    Honda City GN (2020+) with Honda SENSING2250337.50
    Honda Civic SR4/EG (1992-1995)80090
    Honda Civic SO4/EK (1996-2000)80090
    Honda Civic S5A/ET (2000-2005)80090
    Honda Civic FD (2005-2011)1500225
    Honda Civic FB (2011-2017)1700255
    Honda Civic FC (2016-2020)2000300
    Honda Civic FE/FK8 (2021+)2500375
    Honda CRV S9A (2001-2006)1000150
    Honda CRV WQ (2007-2012)1500225
    Honda CRV TOA (2012-2017)1500225
    Honda CRZ6000900
    Honda HRV (2015-2022)
    Honda HRV (2022-Present)
    Honda Insight6000900
    Honda Jazz (2006-2009)1000150
    Honda Jazz (2009-2014)1500225
    Honda Jazz (2014-2021)1500225
    Honda Stream (Variants)1500-6000225-900
    Honda Odyssey (Variants)2000-6000300-900

    Windscreen Price For Toyota

    Car ModelCoverage Value (RM)Price to Pay (RM)
    Toyota Altis (2009-2014)800120
    Toyota Altis (2014-2019)1,500225
    Toyota Avanza (Variants)600-100090-150
    Toyota Camry CV35 (1991-1996)800120
    Toyota Camry CV20 (1996-2001)800120
    Toyota Camry CV31 (2001-2006)800120
    Toyota Camry ACV40 (2006-2012)1500225
    Toyota Camry ACV51 (2012-2019)2000300
    Toyota Camry XV70 (2019+)2500375
    Toyota CHR2500375
    Toyota Corolla Cross (2021+)3000450
    Toyota Estima (Variants)3000-3500450-525
    Toyota Fortuner (Variants)1000-2000150-300
    Toyota Harrier (Variants)2000-4000300-600
    Toyota Hilux (Variants)1000-2000150-300
    Toyota Innova1200180
    Toyota Prius2500375
    Toyota RAV43000450
    Toyota Rush1500225
    Toyota Sienta2000300
    Toyota Unser1000150
    Toyota Alphard ANH10 (2002-2008)3000450
    Toyota Vellfire AGH20 (2008-2015)3500525
    Toyota Veloz (2022+)2000300
    Toyota Vios (2002-2006)800120
    Toyota Vios (2007-2014)1000150
    Toyota Vios (2014-2018)1000150
    Toyota Vios (2023+)2000300
    Toyota Yaris (2019+)1500225
    Toyota Wish (2003-2009)1500225
    Toyota Wish (2012+)3000450

    Windscreen Price For Nissan

    Car ModelCoverage Value (RM)Price to Pay (RM)
    Nissan Almera N17 (2011-2020)1000150
    Nissan Almera N18 (2020+)1500225
    Nissan Grand Livina1,500225
    Nissan Leaf facelifted (2023+)3000450
    Nissan Teana J32 (2008-2013)2,000300
    Nissan Teana J33 (2013-2020)2000300
    Nissan Sylphy2000300
    Nissan X-trail T30 (2000-2007)1200180
    Nissan X-trail T31 (2007-2013)1500225
    Nissan X-trail T32 (2013+)3000450
    Nissan Sentra B141000150
    Nissan Sentra N161200180
    Nissan Serena C231000150
    Nissan Serena C24800120
    Nissan Serena C26 S-Hybrid1800270
    Nissan Serena C27 S-Hybrid (2018-2022)1800270
    Nissan Serena C27 facelifted with AEB camera (2022+)2500375
    Nissan Frontier1500225
    Nissan Latio1500225
    Nissan Cefiro A311500225
    Nissan Cefiro A321500225
    Nissan Cefiro A331500225
    Nissan Navara D221500225
    Nissan Navara D401500225
    Nissan Juke3000450
    Nissan Elgrand5000750
    Nissan Urvan E252000300
    Nissan X-Gear2000300
    Nissan Fairlady80001200
    Nissan GTR R3480001200
    Nissan GTR R35 (Sensor)100001500
    Nissan GTR R36100001500
    Nissan GTR R35 (No Sensor)100001500
    Nissan YU41 / UD41800120
    Nissan Vanette C22700105

    Windscreen Price For Mitsubishi

    Car ModelCoverage Value (RM)Price to Pay (RM)
    Mitsubishi L2001200180
    Mitsubishi Grandis2000300
    Mitsubishi Lancer 102000300
    Mitsubishi Lancer 10 (sensor)3000450
    Mitsubishi Mirage2000300
    Mitsubishi Asx3000450
    Mitsubishi Outlander (2005-2015)1200180
    Mitsubishi Outlander (2016+)4000600
    Mitsubishi Triton1500225
    Mitsubishi Airtrek3000450
    Mitsubishi Fuso800120
    Mitsubishi Pajero800120
    Mitsubishi Attrage1000150

    Windscreen Price For Volkswagen

    Car ModelCoverage Value (RM)Price to Pay (RM)
    Volkswagen Polo2000300
    Volkswagen Polo Sedan2000300
    Volkswagen Golf Mk52000300
    Volkswagen Golf Mk62000300
    Volkswagen Golf Mk72000300
    Volkswagen Passat2000300
    Volkswagen Passat CC2000300
    Volkswagen Beetle3000450
    Volkswagen Scirocco2500375
    Volkswagen Jetta3000450
    Volkswagen Touran2000300
    Volkswagen Tiguan3000450
    Volkswagen Sharan3000450
    Volkswagen Vento3000450

    Windscreen Price For Mazda

    ModelCoverage Value (RM)Price to Pay (RM)
    Mazda3 (2008-2013)2500375
    Mazda3 (2014+)2500375
    Mazda CX-32500375
    Mazda CX-30 (2019+)3500525
    Mazda CX-5 J35C (2012-2017)2000300
    Mazda CX-5 (2017+)2200330
    Mazda CX-5 with HUD (2020+)2300375
    Mazda CX-71500225
    Mazda CX-82500375
    Mazda CX-9 TB (2006-2016)2500375
    Mazda CX-9 TC (2017+)3000450
    Mazda MPV LW (1999-2006)1500225
    Mazda MPV LY (2006-2016)1500225
    Mazda RX82000300
    Mazda Biante2500375
    Mazda BT501500225

    Windscreen Price For Subaru

    Car ModelCoverage Value (RM)Price to Pay (RM)
    Subaru Forester SJ (2014-2018)3000450
    Subaru Forester SJ (Sensor)5000750
    Subaru Forester SK (2019+)3000450
    Subaru XV2000300

    Windscreen Price For BMW

    Car ModelCoverage Value (RM)Price to Pay (RM)
    BMW E39 5 Series2000300
    BMW E60 5 Series2500375
    BMW E90 3 Series2500375
    BMW F10 5 Series2500375
    BMW F30 3 Series2500375
    BMW G20 2018+ 3 Series4000600
    BMW G30 2016+2500375
    BMW X13000450
    BMW X3 2003+3000450
    BMW X3 2010+3000450
    BMW X3 2018+3500525
    BMW X5 2003+4000600
    BMW X5 2013+4000600
    BMW X5 2018+4000600
    BMW X63000450
    BMW Z4 E893500525
    BMW Z4 G294000600

    Windscreen Price For Mercedes

    Car ModelCoverage Value (RM)Price to Pay (RM)
    Mercedes S Class W220 (1999-2005)6000900
    Mercedes S Class W221 (2006-2012)4000600
    Mercedes S Class W222 (2013+)80001200
    Mercedes A Class W169 (2002-2017)2500375
    Mercedes A Class W177 (2018+)2500375
    Mercedes B Class W245 (2005-2011)3000450
    Mercedes B Class W246 (2012+)3000450
    Mercedes C Class W203 (2001-2007)3000450
    Mercedes C Class W204 (2008-2013)3000450
    Mercedes C Class W205 (2014+)3000450
    Mercedes E Class W210 (1995-2001)4000600
    Mercedes E Class W211 (2002-2008)3000450
    Mercedes E Class W212 (2009-2016)4000600
    Mercedes E Class W213 (2017+)4000600
    Mercedes CLS W218 (2004-2010)3000450
    Mercedes CLS W219 (2011-2017)3000450
    Mercedes GLC X253 (2011-2019)3000450
    Mercedes M-GLASS W163 (1997-2005)3000450
    Mercedes M-GLASS W164 (2005-2011)3000450
    Mercedes GLE (2005-2011)4000600
    Mercedes GLE 43 (2019+)6000900
    Mercedes SLK (2004-2010)3000450
    Mercedes SLK (2011-2019)3000450
    Mercedes CLA C117 (2013-2018)3000450
    Mercedes CLA C118 (2019+)4000600
    Mercedes AMG CLA 45 (2013+)3000450
    Mercedes Spinter W903 (2013+)2500375
    Mercedes GLA C1173000450
    Mercedes G-CLASS WDB46390001350

    Windscreen Price For Peugeot

    Car ModelCoverage Value (RM)Price to Pay (RM)
    Peugeot 2061200180
    Peugeot 2071000150
    Peugeot 2082000300
    Peugeot 2008 P24 (2022+)3500525
    Peugeot 308 (2007-2012)3000450
    Peugeot 3008 (2009-2017)2500375
    Peugeot 3008 (2018+)3500525
    Peugeot 407 saloon (2004-2011)2500375
    Peugeot 4082000300
    Peugeot 508 saloon (2010-2017)2000300
    Peugeot 5008 (2009-2017)2500375
    Peugeot 5008 (2018+)3500525
    Peugeot Traveller3000450

    Windscreen Price For Kia / Naza

    Car ModelCoverage Value (RM)Price to Pay (RM)
    Kia Optima2000300
    Kia Picanto2000300
    Kia Spectra / Kia Sephia1000150
    Kia Sportage2000300
    Kia / Naza Forte2000300
    Kia Rio2000300
    Naza Sutera1500225
    Kia Optima K52500375
    Kia Cerato K32200330
    Kia Grand Carnival (2016-2022)2500375
    Kia Carnival KA4 (2022-present) with ADAS Camera Sensor2500375

    Windscreen Price For Isuzu

    Car ModelCoverage Value (RM)Price to Pay (RM)
    Isuzu D-max RT50 (2012-Present)1800270
    Isuzu D-max MU-7 (2005-2012)1500225
    Isuzu D-Max (2021+)3000450

    Windscreen Price For Citroen

    Car ModelCoverage Value (RM)Price to Pay (RM)
    Citroen C1 (2005-2014)5000750
    Citroen C1 (2014+)5000750
    Citroen C25000750
    Citroen C3 (2002-2008)5000750
    Citroen C3 (2009-2015)5000750
    Citroen C3 (2016+)5000750
    Citroen C3 Aircross (2019+)5000750
    Citroen C4 (2010-2019)5000750
    Citroën C4 SpaceTourer (2018-2022)5000750
    Citroen C5 (2001-2007)5000750
    Citroen Jumper5000750
    Citroen Jumpy5000750
    Citroen Berlingo B9 (2008+)5000750
    Citroen DS33000450
    Citroen DS4 (2016-2018)5000750
    Citroen DS55000750
    Citroen DS6 (2014+)5000750
    Citroen DS75000750
    Citroen C85000750

    Windscreen Price For Suzuki

    Car ModelCoverage Value (RM)Price to Pay (RM)
    Suzuki Swift (2004-2010)1500225
    Suzuki Swift (2010-2017)1500225
    Suzuki APV1500225
    Suzuki S1500225
    Suzuki SX4 S-Cross3500525
    Suzuki Alto1500225

    Windscreen Price For Hyundai

    ModelCoverage Value (RM)Price to Pay (RM)
    Hyundai i101200180
    Hyundai Accent1000150
    Hyundai Starex2000300
    Hyundai Elantra XD (2000-2010)1000150
    Hyundai Elantra MD (2011-2016)1500225
    Hyundai Elantra AD (2017-2020)2000300
    Hyundai Elantra CN7 1.6L IVT (2021+)3000450
    Hyundai Getz1200180
    Hyundai Matrix1200180
    Hyundai Atos1000150
    Hyundai Sonata EF2000300
    Hyundai Sonata NF2000300
    Hyundai Sonata YF2000300
    Hyundai Trajet1500225
    Hyundai Tucson2500375
    Hyundai SantaFe CM (2006-2012)2000300
    Hyundai SantaFe DM (2013-2018)3000450
    Hyundai SantaFe TM (2019-2023)3000450
    Hyundai Ioniq (No Sensor)2500375
    Hyundai Ioniq (Sensor)2800420
    Hyundai Ioniq 63000450
    Hyundai Kona Electric3000450
    Hyundai Palisade80001200

    Windscreen Price For Volvo

    Car ModelCoverage Value (RM)Price to Pay (RM)
    Volvo V402500375
    Volvo V902500375
    Volvo S602500375
    Volvo S902500375
    Volvo XC402500375
    Volvo XC603000450
    Volvo S402500375
    Volvo S804000600
    Volvo XC9080001200
    Volvo S9080001200

    Windscreen Price For Ford

    Car ModelCoverage Value (RM)Price to Pay (RM)
    Ford Fiesta1500225
    Ford Focus2000300
    Ford Mondeo2500375
    Ford S-Max5000750
    Ford Focus (4 Sensors)5000750
    Ford Ranger2000300
    Ford Ranger (Sensor)2000300
    Ford Everest3000450
    Ford Kuga3000450
    Ford Ecosport3000450
    Ford Mustang80001200

    Windscreen Price For Chevrolet

    Car ModelCoverage Value (RM)Price to Pay (RM)
    Chevrolet Malibu4000600
    Chevrolet Cruze2000300
    Chevrolet Nabira2000300
    Chevrolet Orlando2000300
    Chevrolet Colorado2000300
    Chevrolet Sonic2000300

    Windscreen Price For Lexus

    Car ModelCoverage Value (RM)Price to Pay (RM)
    Lexus IS/IS250 XE20/GSE20 (2005-2012)2500375
    Lexus IS XE10 (2013+)3000450
    Lexus LS XF40 (2006-2017)3000450
    Lexus LS XF50 (2017+)3500525
    Lexus ES XV60 (2012-2017)2500375
    Lexus ES XZ10 (2018+)3000450
    Lexus NX AZ10 (2014+)4000600
    Lexus RX AL20/AGL20 (2015-2022)4000600
    Lexus RX ALA10/ALH10 (2023+)5000750
    Lexus CT/CT200h ZWA10 (2011-2022)2500375
    Lexus LX J200 (2007+)4000600
    Lexus LX/LX570 J200 (2015+)5000750
    Lexus UX MZAA10/MZAH10 (2020+)3000450
    Lexus GS L10 (2010+)3000450
    Lexus LM350 GGH31 (2021+)6000900

    Windscreen Price For Audi

    Car ModelCoverage Value (RM)Price to Pay (RM)
    Audi A4 B53000450
    Audi A4 B63000450
    Audi A4 B74000600
    Audi A4 B84000600
    Audi S54000600
    Audi RS54000600
    Audi RS54000600
    Audi A6 C53000450
    Audi A6 C63000450
    Audi A6 C74000600
    Audi A6 C8 (2018-New)5000750
    Audi A75000750
    Audi A8 (2002-2009)4000600
    Audi A8 (2011-2017)5000750
    Audi A8 (2018-New)5000750
    Audi R8 (2006-2015)80001200
    Audi R8 (2015-New)80001200
    Audi Q34000600
    Audi Q55000750
    Audi Q75000750
    Audi S4 B64000600
    Audi S4 B74000600
    Audi S4 B85000750
    Audi S4 B95000750
    Audi TT4000600
    Audi TTS5000750
    Audi TTRS5000750

    Windscreen Price For Bentley

    Car ModelCoverage Value (RM)Price to Pay (RM)
    Bentley Flying Spur250003750
    Bentley Bentayga300004500

    Windscreen Price For Range Rover

    Car ModelCoverage Value (RM)Price to Pay (RM)
    Range Rover Evoque L538 (2011-2019)5000750
    Range Rover Evoque L551 (2020+) (with camera+rain sensor)6000900
    Ranger Rover Voque80001200
    Range Rover Autobiography80001200
    Range Rover Sport L3205000750
    Range Rover Sport L49470001050
    Range Rover Evoque (2012+)5000750
    Range Rover Freelander1500225
    Range Rover Defender 1101500225

    Windscreen Price For Aston Martin

    Car ModelCoverage Value (RM)Price to Pay (RM)
    Aston Martin DB9 (2004-2012)200003000
    Aston Martin DB9 (2013-2016)250003750
    Aston Martin DB11250003750
    Aston Martin Vantage V8300004500
    Aston Martin Vantage V12300004500
    Aston Martin Vanquish (2001-2007)350005250
    Aston Martin Vanquish (2012+)300004500
    Aston Martin V12 Zagato250003750
    Aston Martin Virage300004500

    Windscreen Price For Maserati

    Car ModelCoverage Value (RM)Price to Pay (RM)
    Maserati 3200120003000
    Maserati 4200150002250
    Maserati Ghibli (2014-2016)100001500
    Maserati Ghibli (2017+)120001800
    Maserati GranCabrio150002250
    Maserati GranTurismo150002250
    Maserati Levante120001800
    Maserati Quattroporte V (2003-2007)150002250
    Maserati Quattroporte V UV(2003-2007)200003000
    Maserati Quattroporte VI (2013-2016)120001800
    Maserati Quattroporte VI (2017+)120001800

    Windscreen Price For Porsche

    Car ModelCoverage Value (RM)Price to Pay (RM)
    Porsche Cayanne (2002-2009)6000900
    Porsche Cayanne (2010-2017)6000900
    Porsche Cayanne (2018+)5000750
    Porsche Macan70001050
    Porsche Macan (Camera)80001200
    Porsche 911 Carerra (1997-2006)5000750
    Porsche 911 Carerra (2005-2012)5000750
    Porsche 911 Carerra S (2012-2019)6000900
    Porsche Boxster (2012-2016)8000750
    Porsche Boxster (2017+)8000900
    Porsche Cayman (2006-2012)6000900
    Porsche Cayman (2013-2016)80001200
    Porsche 718 Cayman (2017+)80001200
    Porsche Panamera (2009-2015)80001200
    Porsche Panamera (2016+)80001200

    Windscreen Price For Ferrari

    Car ModelCoverage Value (RM)Price to Pay (RM)
    Ferrari California250003750

    Windscreen Price For Jaguar

    Car ModelCoverage Value (RM)Price to Pay (RM)
    Jaguar XF6000900
    Jaguar XJL80001200

    Windscreen Price For Tesla

    Car ModelCoverage Value (RM)Price to Pay (RM)
    Tesla Model Y100001500
    Tesla Model 3100001500
    Tesla Model S P85D200003000
    Tesla Model S P90D250003750

    Windscreen Price For Rolls Royce

    Car ModelCoverage Value (RM)Price to Pay (RM)
    Rolls-Royce Ghost (2014)250003750
    Rolls-Royce Ghost (2020+)250003750
    Rolls-Royce Spectre (2023+)250003750
    Rolls-Royce Phantom250003750

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