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Isn’t it frustrating to have your car windscreen suddenly damaged as you’re going on a road trip? 

We understand — nothing is more annoying than having your day ruined by something as simple as a scratch or a chip on your car windscreen!

Most car owners have been in a situation where they have found their car windscreen to be damaged, and will instantly be on the lookout for chip windscreen repair when that happens.

But before that, it’s important to know the different types of chips on car windscreens and where to find the best windscreen chip repair workshop Malaysia has top offer!

Firstly, why is your car windscreen important?

Before we get into your car’s windscreen damage and the types of windscreen chips, it’s important to understand more about your car windscreen’s importance.

You might think your car’s windscreen only serves as a way for you to look at the road ahead.

However, your car’s windscreen also provides structural integrity and acts as a supportive beam. It upholds your car frame and prevents the car roof from caving in and crushing you and your fellow passengers in a rollover.

In the event of a collision, your windscreen’s multi-layered laminated glass also protects the occupants in the car from any harsh impact.

Lastly, the windscreen also helps in the proper deployment of the front airbags. If you get caught in an accident; and you aren’t wearing a seatbelt, the windscreen stops you from being thrown out of the car!

What are the types of windscreen chips?

Bull’s Eye Chip

When the object creating the impact is the size similar to debris, pebbles, or gravel, the chip sustained by the windscreen is a bull’s eye crack.

This type of windscreen damage is commonly circular in shape. The bullseye name of the crack makes the shape of its impact apparent – the center of the target.

When a bull’s eye crack is not dealt with in due time, excessive dirt, oil, and other debris can accumulate in the damaged area.

This makes the damage more extensive, and repairing the crack becomes notably difficult.

If repaired timely and by expert technicians, no trace of crack will be left, and your windscreen will go back to looking smooth as new.

Half-Moon Chip

A half-moon crack is somewhat similar to the bull’s eye type. The differentiation can be done based on the fact that the damage caused is not fairly circular, unlike bull’s eye damage.

Such cracks are caused by the impact of rather blunt objects.

As the damage is not entirely in a circular pattern, trained technicians have better manoeuvrability while cleaning and repairing the windscreen of a car

Star Break Chip

The damage of a star break chip comes off as a series of short yet radical cracks from the impact point.

The damage incurred by the impact resembles a star to an extent. It usually starts as a minor crack when the windscreen in a car is struck by debris or another object.

Combination Chip

When a windscreen in a car sustains a chip, it can be a blend of both a star break and a bull’s eye.

This type of windscreen chip damage is called a combination crack. These sorts of cracks are incredibly difficult to tend to.

What causes a combination crack? Rock chips or stone chips are the primary footings of any damage to the windscreen in a car, and combination cracks are no exceptions.

It should be noted that a highly-skilled technician is required to repair a combination chip. Anything less than that can cause further damage to the windscreen.

Edge Cracks

Edge cracks are commonly due to exposure to high heat — not an uncommon scenario in Malaysia as the sun heats the metal and materials surrounding the glass.

With that, the edges of the windscreen is warmed much more than the middle. This difference in temperature can cause cracks to appear at the edges of the glass.

While initially small, it can grow much larger, up to 25-30 centimetres in length. This will then be a serious issue, and the windscreen will need to be replaced entirely.

Floater Cracks

A crack that’s similar to edge cracks mentioned above, floater cracks start at the middle part of the windscreen.

They appear in different shapes, and are similarly caused by temperature fluctuations.

Floater cracks can then spread across your windscreen, starting from the middle to the edge. If you noticed a crack that appears as a floater crack, it would be best to approach a windscreen repair specialist as soon as possible to prevent it from spreading across your windscreen!

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