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For many first-time claimants car accidents that involves windshields, windshield insurance and claims can be confusing. To put it simply, it is an add-on you can purchase on top of your main car insurance policy. The windshield insurance add-on covers your front and back windshields, all door windows and your sunroof glass (originally comes with the car, not a modification) if you have one.

Your car’s windshield is the part of your car that is most vulnerable to flying little stones or pebbles on the road, especially on a high speed.

With the windshield insurance cover, you can be rest assured that the cost to repair or replace your shattered windshield will be paid for (without affecting your NCD) by your insurer.

Let’s discuss some mistakes you can avoid when claiming your windshield insurance, tips to watch out for before purchasing windshield insurance and the step-by-step of how to claim your car’s Allianz windshield insurance.

What mistakes do drivers often make when claiming their windshield insurance?

a) Assuming their windshield is covered by insurance

First you need to check if you actually have a windshield cover or insurance. If you do, you’ll have a very high chance that you will not lose your non-claims discount or NCD!

If you do not have windshield cover and you claim from your insurance company, you will lose your NCD. Hence, always check your policy again or ask your agent and decide for yourself if it is worth losing your NCD bonus. You might decide to pay for the windshield repair yourself in order to not lose your NCD.

b) If you have windshield insurance, check that you’re going to a panel workshop

A panel workshop is a normal repair shop that is authorized by the insurance company to carry the repair works. Each insurance company has their own list of panel workshops, so make sure that you go to one that is listed.

That’s because when you go to a panel workshop that is approved by the insurance company, you will not need to pay and the claims process is much faster. However if you mistakenly go to your favorite workshop which is not a panel for your insurance company, chances are you may not be able to claim for the cost of repair or replacement even though you have purchased windshield insurance.

Tips you need to know before purchasing windshield insurance

1. Where to buy? – When renewing your car’s insurance online or through your agent, you can purchase with windshield cover add-on. You can also purchase the windshield cover anytime as long as your car’s insurance policy is still valid.

2. How many times can you claim? – You can claim multiple times until you reach the total sum insured. If your claim has not reached the full sum insured, you may continue to get coverage for the remaining amount.

3. Windshield coverage value? – Any quote you get from windshield repair specialist should include the new windshield, labor and decent quality tint film.

How To Claim Allianz Windshield Insurance

  1. Drive to an Allianz panel workshop
  2. Once repaired, take delivery of vehicle
  3. The workshop will notify Allianz & do the necessary submission of documents!

When you are sending your vehicle for windshield claim, it is highly advisable to have these following documents ready:

  • Photocopy of your NRIC
  • Photocopy of your Driving License
  • Photocopy of your Insurance Cover Note
  • Photocopy of your Car Registration Card

In the event that there are no Allianz Panel windshield Repairers near you, please notify Allianz for approval before sending your vehicle to a non-panel windshield repairer. Then, with Allianz approval, you can then submit the original bill or invoice to us for reimbursement.

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