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Your windscreen is also more than a glass screen. It plays a crucial role in maintaining the structural integrity of the car, protecting you and your passengers in the event of an accident – so if you’ve just had a brand new one installed, it’s really important to look after it properly.

The first few hours and days after installation are the most critical – so here are a few simple guidelines to ensure that your new car windscreen replacement will remain in good condition and perform its job properly.

How To Take Care Of Newly Replaced Windscreen

a) Check on the quality of the new windscreen and the workmanship

No doubt you would have done some research and found a reputable windscreen replacement professional to do the job, but it’s always advisable to do your own inspection on completion of the job. The glass should look smooth and unblemished without any waves or distortions on the surface and there shouldn’t be any bumps or gaps in the moulding either. 

Another sign that the windscreen hasn’t been replaced correctly is if you can hear a dull ‘whoosh’ or whistling sound from your car’s windshield while driving. If there is a problem, you’ll notice this sound particularly when you drive over an uneven surface like a speed hump or drive at high speeds.

But – and this is a big but – you can’t take your car for a test drive at speed for at least 24 hours after the new windscreen has been installed. You need to treat your vehicle gently for the first two days to give the adhesive time to cure and harden properly and form a watertight seal. Even a small bump in the road can cause the new windscreen to shift, so take care and make sure the product and the workmanship are under warranty.

b) Give the Windscreen Time to Set and Dry

The adhesive used to fix the windscreen in place and create a watertight seal takes 24 to 48 hours to properly set and dry. Thankfully though you can still use your car during this time, but you will need to wait at least an hour after the windscreen has been installed before you can drive for the first time.

If you’re concerned about how this could affect the rest of your day, ask about our mobile windscreen replacement service, which can be done anywhere at a time that suits you. So, you could have it done while you’re at work and won’t be needing your car for a few hours, or at the end of the day when you’re at home and only need to use your car the next day.

c) Don’t Slam Any Car Doors

Make a point of closing any car doors gently in the first 48 hours to prevent any rapid changes in pressure inside the car and jolts that could cause the still curing seal to tear. Leaving one window slightly open can also limit sudden pressure changes.

d) Keep the Dashboard Clear

Avoid putting anything on your dashboard for the first two days after replacing your windscreen, and if you’re used to using a sunshade inside your car, don’t put it up for the first two days either. This keeps anything from pushing up against the windscreen while the seal cures and either getting stuck against the seal or shifting the windscreen slightly and weakening the seal. The same applies to any cover you are used to putting over your car while it is parked.

e) Leave Any Retention Tape Alone

Sometimes it is necessary to put some retention tape over the new seals, especially on the outside of the windscreen. This helps keep the seal clear of debris and safe from the elements while it is still drying. As unsightly as you may find this it is critical for the curing process, so it should not be removed for the first two days.

f) Stay Away From Automated Car Washes

If your car is very dirty and you can’t wait two more days to get it clean, opt for a gentle hand wash instead of an automated wash or anything involving the use of high-pressure hoses. This is to prevent the seal from being damaged in any way while it is still setting and drying, and to limit any movement of the windscreen.

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