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If you drive a car, it is an inevitable fact that eventually, your windscreen will experience a form or damage, whether it’s a small chip or a large crack.

What’s more important, however, is you fix or replace your car’s cracked windscreen as soon as you notice it. You see, a damaged windshield windscreen that hasn’t been properly repaired or fixed in place is susceptible to popping out entirely in the case of a collision!

This might result in both the passengers and the driver being flung out of the car entirely! It will also be less of a final form of protection between the front row passengers and an incoming car crash!

The windscreen is also a strong source and bearer of structural support for the roof of the car – it’s known that poor quality windscreens have caused car roofs to collapse!

In this article, we’ll explore the different factors behind why you should repair or replace a cracked windscreen and where to find the best windscreen specialist to get the job done!

Important Factors To Watch Out For Before Fixing Or Replacing Your Windscreen

1.  You start seeing pitting on your windscreen

This is especially common for those who frequently drive on high-speed highways – pitting simply means your windscreen glass has been damaged by flying debris such as gravel or small rocks.

With time, this will lead to mini holes or scratches on the surface of your windscreen which will reflect and shine the light, affecting your ability to focus on the road. This is especially pronounced during sunrise and sunset.

2.  Your windscreen is showing a white haze on its edges

What most car owners probably won’t know is that car windscreens are usually treated with a plastic called Poly Vinyl Butral (PVB).

This plastic ensures that in the case of the windscreen shattering, it will happen in small, rounded chunks so that it wouldn’t injure the car’s occupants or passengers.

That’s why when you start seeing a white haze at the area around the edge of a cracked windscreen, this indicates that the plastic has started separating from the windscreen.

This puts you at severe risk of being injured from sharp pieces of glass in the event of any an accident or collision. So don’t take the chance – replace your windscreen with a windscreen specialist if you spot this!

3.  Your windscreen damage is blocking your view of the road

Your windscreen affects your driving ability directly – any disturbance to what you can see through your windscreen can affect your decision-making ability!

For example, a small chip or crack might affect your blind spot. Your perception of distance might be distorted. Wet weather conditions might further worsen this condition.

This shows that if your ability to drive is affected by a damaged windscreen, it’s time for a windscreen replacement!

4.  Your windscreen has parts of it missing

While this may sound like an obvious point, a surprisingly many car owners often self-fix their windscreens with tape, glue, or other forms of quick fixes until they find a suitable time for windscreen replacement.

This poses a significantly increased risk not just from weather elements. It’s because your car’s windscreen is actually an important structural support for your car’s frame!

Without a properly replaced damaged or missing windshield, your car’s frame is at risk of sagging or even causing alignment issues with your windscreen frames when you attempt to replace it eventually!

What You Should Look Out For When You Have Your Windscreen Replaced

1. Check if the previous adhesive is still there

skillful technician will remove the old adhesive and clean it out completely before proceeding to ensure a better seal and weather resistance.

 2. Check to see if there’s messy molding around the windscreen frame

If you notice that the molding around the windshield is bumpy or not in line with the frame, then it’s probably due to an improper installation.

3. Check for any potential water leaks

A bad seal around the windshield will often reveal itself through water leaks around the frame. If water is coming through the seal, then you need to visit a windscreen specialist immediately. Your windshield could be in danger of coming loose.

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