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Are you thinking of getting your car windscreen tinted?

Well, before you jump straight to the nearest car windscreen workshop, here are a few questions you need to ask yourself:

  • How dark can my windows be tinted?
  • What is Visible Light Transmission (VLT)?
  • What is Sun Protection Factor (SPF)?

If you’re struggling to answer those questions, fear not — we’ll cover all you need to know about car windscreen tinted installations and the overall process of installing a car windscreen that’s tinted!

What are the limits to the level of tint for all car windows?

In 2019, Malaysia’s Road Transport Department (JPJ) has released new regulations for all car window tints.

To put it in simple terms, cars in Malaysia must comply with visible light transmission (VLT) levels of the below:

  • Front windscreen: 70% VLT minimum
  • Front side windows: 50% VLT minimum
  • Rear side windows: 0% VLT minimum
  • Rear windscreen: 0% VLT minimum

That said, you can apply for exceptions if you’re looking to tint the front side and windscreens past the current limit of 50% and 70% VLT.

The requirements are:

  • You have an existing medical condition — if approved, you can proceed to further tinting with no extra costs or fees involved. 
  • You don’t have a valid health reason to require further tinting — application will cost you RM50.00 and you will need JPJ’s approval. You will need to prove that you do not have any criminal records (vetted by PDRM) and have no outstanding summons.

After approval, it only lasts for 2 years and will cost you RM5,000!

What exactly is VLT and SPF?

VLT stands for visible light transmission, and VLT levels are normally used to denote the percentage of light that can enter through the window after it’s tinted.

In simpler terms, a 30% VLT level tint will filter out 70% of visible light and allow 30% of VLT to enter.

On the other hand, SPF is the measurement of the level of protection that the windscreen will provide your skin from harmful ultraviolet B (UVB) rays. 

For example, a SPF 30 tint will provide 30 times more protection than having no tint at all!

What are the benefits of car windscreen tinting?

  • It protects you from harmful UV rays – those harmful UV rays can be a killer if you’re stuck in the car in the daytime. Some window tint will block harmful UV rays, keeping you safer when driving. Ideally, all work vehicles should have UV protection
  • It gives you privacy – the windscreen of a vehicle cannot legally have too dark a tint applied, but the rear of the vehicle can. This provides some privacy and may deter thieves when they can’t see what is inside.
  • Glare – night and daytime glare can be reduced.
  • Cooler – With less UV and sunlight entering the vehicle, a car windscreen tint can keep the car cooler.

How do you install a car windscreen that is tinted?

  1. The inside of the windows are thoroughly cleaned
  2. The outside of the window will be used to shape, cut and prepare the film
  3. A heat gun and card will be used to remove any air bubbles within the film
  4. The film will be moved to the inside of the window where an application of soapy water will help the tint to be moved into position
  5. A hard edge will be used to squeegee out any water caught between the window and the film until all is clear
  6. Lastly, the installers will take a critical eye to their work. They examine the window from both the outside and the inside to identify and smooth out any imperfections.
  7. Specialized scrapers are used to work out any bubbles or blemishes before the film’s adhesive dries.
  8. Once the tint job is complete, the installer will return your car and remind you to let the film dry for three days before you roll down your vehicle’s windows. 

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