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Whenever drivers experience damage to their windshield, they react in one of two ways. Some may panic about it, thinking that a small windshield crack will lead to shattered glass and expensive repairs. Others might think that any windshield damage is ‘no big deal’ and just keep on driving without a worry in the world.

However, both of them are wrong! The truth is that in many cases, windshield damage is totally fixable. Google the term ‘stop windshield crack’ and you’ll find plenty of solutions to your problem, ranging from professional services to DIY solutions you can use yourself.

In this article, let’s discuss everything you need to know about dealing with a cracked windshield. We’ll look at what causes a windshield crack and how to fix that problem. We’ll also point you to the best windshield workshop in Butterworth repairers or windshield workshop in Pulau Pinang repairers for cracked windscreens.

What can worsen windshield cracks?

As mentioned earlier, some people assume that a small crack on their windscreen is alright to be left alone. That’s not right because cracks can get worse.

Simply put, moisture and dirt will gradually fill up those cracks and cause more problems. As everything expands and contracts depending on the climate, they’ll slowly but surely enlarge those cracks with time.

That’s why it is crucial to repair windshield cracks as soon as possible, either at a shop or DIY it with a windshield repair kit.

How are cracked windshields repaired?

Now, let’s look at the common ways that cracked windshields are repaired. They’re usually fixed with a patch, injection, or with a total replacement.

a) Patch

The patch might be one of the most straightforward fixes for a damaged windscreen, though it’s probably the least effective. Basically, they work by applying a clear patch onto the cracked section of the windshield. That patch will harden, strengthening that section of the glass.

As you can tell, this method doesn’t actually fill the gap in the windshield surface caused by the crack. Instead, it patches over it and holds the section together. Not the best solution in the long run but probably a good short- to medium-term fix.

b) Injection

This probably the most common method, even though the same material that’s being injected may differ depending on who you go to.

The reason it’s so popular is that it’s effective and safe. Using the injection approach, the actual crack gets cleaned out and filled up so that there are no gaps in the windshield’s surface. It’s clean, it works for the long-term, and it’s safe.

c) Total replacement

Of course, severe damage to a windscreen will require a total replacement. This approach is pretty straightforward: they’ll remove the existing windscreen and all its bits and pieces, then stick on a brand new, factory-fresh windscreen for your car.

How to stop a crack on a windscreen from spreading?

i) Seal it up

Sealing the crack in your windshield can help keep it from spreading. Your windshield glass is a solid piece of glass that stays in one piece by evenly distributing pressure. 

Filling the crack – a weakness that disturbs the weight distribution – makes the glass more stable and less likely to put pressure on the rest of your windshield, which is what causes further cracking. It also prevents dust and dirt from settling into the cracks, which can worsen the crack and make it more difficult to repair.

ii) Drive slower

Pay special attention to the road and try to avoid potholes, speedbumps, slamming your brakes, and driving on gravel or rocky terrain. The vibrations and jarring can cause your windshield crack to get worse or – in extreme cases – even shatter. 

iii) Park indoors or in the shade

If at all possible, try to park your car in a garage. This keeps it away from direct sunlight which can cause the glass to warp or expand, which will make the crack worse. It also ensures that your windshield isn’t hit by anything falling from overhead.

If you don’t have access to covered parking, try to park in a shaded area. This keeps your car out of harsh sunlight and the glass warping temperature fluctuations that come with it. If that’s also impossible, just get the crack fixed as soon as possible to limit its exposure to hazards. 

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