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While it’s common to be worried about every small scratch or line on the windscreen, it often is a blurred line between actually needing windscreen repairs or just a minor cosmetic annoyance.

However, as the windscreen is paramount to your safety within the car, it is important to be aware and understand the factors that will determine whether it’s the right move for you to head to the repair shop.

In fact, a windscreen should be repaired if the repaired windscreen will not be detrimental to the safety of the passenger in the event of an accident or collision.

It should also have cracks that are less than 6 inches in length, or with the depth of the chip/bullseye to be less than 1 inch.

It is also crucial to observe that it’s just the outer layer of the glass that’s damaged, and the crack isn’t near its outer margin. That’s when you know a simple windscreen repair is needed.

Procedures for repairing a windscreen

While every automotive shop has its own specialty, techniques and products used in windscreen repair, it’s fair to say that a standard repair takes an average of 30 to 40 minutes.

Most windscreen repairs will follow the same standard procedure, albeit with different products used as well as based on the type and condition of windscreen.

Generally, if the existing chip or crack on the windscreen is significantly deep enough, or in a scenario where dust has accumulated into it, the repairer will take preliminary steps to treat the windscreen.

This step in the repair process involves injecting a transparent and curable form of resin onto the outer layer of the windscreen’s glass as a way to reinforce the structural integrity and improve the appearance of the glass.

Then, after curing and polishing the resin for a smooth finished surface, the existing chip or crack will be stopped from causing further damage to the windshield.

This is why qualified auto glass repair technicians should carefully consider every factor there is before deciding to repair a customer’s windscreen instead of recommending a full replacement of the windshield.

Conditions where windscreen repair is not recommended in place of a windscreen replacement

While technology today has advanced windscreens and windshield replacement technology to the point of cost-effectiveness and convenience, there are still some conditions to your windscreen that makes repairs impossible as a way to keep you safe.

For example, windscreen pitting is among one of the many windshield issues that can’t be repaired. If your windscreen has a glittery effect to it on bright, sunny days, it is considered to be pitted – this means it contains tiny chips that refract sunlight!

As the windscreen and the car ages along, you can expect significant number of pits to appear from things such as debris, stones or other materials to affect your windscreen.

As they can’t be adequately repaired, pitted windscreens must be replaced as they cause a serious level of distraction to the driver.

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