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Every car owner needs to understand the importance of windscreens when it comes to protection. Not only does the essential glass keep out the elements and debris, but it is also an essential part of your vehicle’s safety features which is it is very important that your windscreen and windscreen repair are done by a windscreen specialist.

Windscreens are designed to prevent those riding in the car from being ejected during an accident. It also helps to maintain the structure of the car in the event of a rollover. Anytime there is damage to your windscreen or if it has been installed improperly, the risk of danger increases.

Once your windscreen becomes damaged, your next task will be to determine if you need windscreen repairs, or if you should have windscreen replacement. Here are some factors to consider if you’re thinking about a windscreen repair.

a) The Location Of The Damage

The location of the damage on your windscreen should be the first concern. Chips or cracks in your windscreen that fall in the driver’s line of sight are exceptionally dangerous. Damage located along the edges of the car glass is also a concern. Cracks or chips on the edges of the glass can undermine the structural integrity of the windscreen, which can put everyone in the car at risk.

b) The Size Of The Damage Size

Some damage is small enough to fix while others may require a full replacement. The size of the distressed area on your windscreen plays an important part in the repair decision. According to experts, any chips that are the size of a standard business card or less can generally be repaired. Anything larger requires evaluation or perhaps need a windscreen replacement or windscreen repair. It’s important to repair the damage by a windscreen specialist quickly because vibrations from the car could cause the cracks or chips to spread.

c) The Type Of Damage

Some forms of windscreen damage are more concerning than others. Minor chips and scratches that only affect the surface can generally be repaired. If the damage goes all the way through to the inside of the car, total replacement is required. Cracks that have begun to spider-web across your windscreen also will result in the need for a total replacement by a windscreen specialist.

How To Check The Quality Of Your Car Windscreen

As your car’s windscreen often determines the overall safety of your car, inferior quality windscreens should always be avoided at all costs. In fact, high-quality windscreens often go through a number of industry specified testing processes before they are sent to the market. 

Here are a few key windscreen qualities to look out for as suggested by windscreen specialist:

i) Durability

High-quality windscreens are durable, strong and doesn’t break or shatter under any circumstances. On the other hand, poor-quality windscreens break easily and start showing chips and cracks in as quick as a few weeks after installation. To avoid wrong installation of the windscreen, you can book Windscreen’s windscreen specialists to help you with it so you dont have to worry anymore about poor windscreen installation.

ii) Easy to clean

Industry-manufactured windscreens that are of high-quality are also often coated with dust and water repellent properties to make them easy to clean. Since dust, dirt and bird droppings don’t stick to the surface as much, it’ll leave less scratches and marks while cleaning.

iii) Visibility

Poor-quality windscreens don’t provide good visibility the way high-quality ones do, as visibility is often affected due to constant dust and dirt settling on the screen.

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