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Your vehicle’s windscreen serves as your essential safety net when you’re driving, so if you accidentally shatter or chip it, you should have it fixed as quickly as possible. Car owners frequently struggle with the decision of whether to have this component repaired or replaced.

When a situation like this develops, it is best to show your windscreen damage to a windscreen specialist because they are the ones who are qualified to recommend whether you need windscreen replacement or repair.

Have you recently noticed any cracks or chips in your windscreen? If so, keep reading to find out if you’re likely in need of a repair or replacement.

When the damage to the windscreen is too big

While some windscreen damage can be repaired, others might need to be replaced entirely. The size of the damaged area on your windscreen significantly impacts the choice of repair. 

In general, repairs can be made for chips that are no larger than a regular business card in size. For anything larger, a windscreen assessment or windscreen replacement may be necessary. To prevent the cracks or chips from spreading, it is essential to have the damage swiftly repaired by a windscreen specialist. 

A DIY repair does not work

It’s time to schedule an appointment for a replacement windscreen for your vehicle if you’ve already attempted to fix a chip or crack but it didn’t work, or if it chipped and cracked in the same spot yet again. Most windscreen repair specialists won’t try to fix the exact location again because it has not worked before and probably will not work again.

While replacing a windscreen might be costly, many drivers have a windscreen replacement option in their insurance. Typically, this will allow you one windscreen replacement per year, with or without a deductible. The best way to find out if your windscreen is protected is to contact your insurer. If your windscreen replacement is covered, be sure to have your policy information accessible to the specialist. 

Location of the damage

One of the main elements in determining if a windscreen must be replaced is the chip’s location or crack. It is necessary to replace the windscreen, not repair it, as soon as possible if it is chipped or cracked close to the edge or in your line of sight.

Damage in the driver’s line of vision may impair their ability to see the road, making it a challenge to navigate properly. On the other hand, damage that is too close to the edge may weaken the windscreen, increasing the risk of your glass cracking while driving.

How much of the windscreen is damaged

When you notice more than a few chips and tiny cracks, it’s time to have your vehicle’s windscreen inspected. If your windscreen has a lot of chips and cracks, it may become weak and more likely to shatter.

Anything limiting the driver’s vision must be swiftly inspected and fixed. A windscreen replacement will probably be advised by a windscreen specialist if you’ve previously had a number of repairs made to it or if it’s an old windscreen.

Depth of the damage

This is directly related to the size of the damage, but more specifically, how deeply the damage penetrates the windscreen. A windscreen is a glass sandwich consisting of an outer layer of glass, a plastic interlayer, and an inner layer of glass. Repairing a windscreen won’t be possible if the damage extends through the outer and interior layers of glass. 

Never Delay A Windscreen Repair Or Replacement

You must search for a reputable service provider if you need a windscreen replacement. Due to the high cost of these items, installing the incorrect windscreen now will result in a significant loss down the road. Searching for a reputable service provider with skilled specialists will ensure that your windscreen is installed correctly with premium products. 

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