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Have you ever had the fear of pulling over at the side of the road due to a smashed windscreen? Well, if you haven’t, it’s a lot more common than you think!

That’s why having valid car insurance is a must for most drivers if they’re looking to avoid a hefty windscreen repair or replacement bill. However, here’s the catch – most Malaysian drivers are not aware that their car insurance plans do not cover the costs of repairs or replacements of their car’s windscreen and glass windows!

In this article, we’ll cover what you need to know about windscreen insurance, how to claim for costs from a Kurnia windscreen panel and where to find the best repair or replacements for windscreens in Bangi!

What you need to know about windscreen insurance

Windscreen insurance is often part of an add-on coverage to your main car insurance policy. This form of coverage includes your front and back windscreens, all door windows and sunroof glass window.

In fact, you should have a look at your car insurance policy and search for “Endorsement 89” – this is the part of the add-on coverage that specifically applies to breakages of glass in windscreens, windows and sunroofs. 

Always ensure your add-on coverage includes this clause to protect your car’s windscreen!

Most drivers, especially if you’re a frequent traveler on long-distance and high-speed highways, will find this useful as it can be quite expensive to replace your windscreen, especially as the most susceptible part of your car to get damaged by flying objects is your windscreen!

How do I make a windscreen claim with Kurnia windscreen panel?

With Kurnia Insurance, it’s actually very simple!

Just bring your vehicle to the nearest windscreen repairer!

To check the location of the nearest Specialist Windscreen Repairer (SWR) or Authorised Windscreen Repairer (AWR) for repair or replacement, click here.

Alternatively, you can call Kurnia‘s Toll-Free Number at 1 800 88 3833 or 1 800 88 6333.

What documents do you need for a car windscreen insurance claim?

Here are the documents required depending on where you brought your car for a baiki cermin retak or replacement:

i. If vehicle driven into SWR by policyholder

  • Police Report Not Required.
  • Copy of policyholder’s IC or Driving License
  • Copy of Driver’s IC & Driving License required if policyholder not the driver at time of accident.

 ii. If Vehicle NOT driven into SWR by policyholder 

  • Police Report Not Required                     
  • Copy of policyholder’s IC or Driving License
  • Copy of Driver’s IC & Driving License
  • Copy of updated Registration Card
  • Copy of Insurance Policy
  • Copy of business form (if registered under company name)
  • Copy of NRIC of the person who dropping the vehicle at SWR

Looking to claim your Kurnia windscreen insurance for a windscreen repair? Choose the provider you can trust – choose Windscreen2U

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We partner with a holistic range of Malaysia’s leading insurance providers and are a Kurnia windscreen panel service provider. With a fleet of mobile technicians who specialize in windscreens in Bangi, we aim to provide a superior service with value, safety, and satisfaction at the heart of our business.

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