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Have you ever had the fear of pulling over at the side of the road from a smashed windscreen? Well, if you haven’t, it’s a lot more common than you think! A common cause of this is the minuscule pieces of flying debris such as pebbles or car parts that get thrown up by moving cars or trucks. This is why regardless if you’re a careful driver or not, windscreen damage can be inevitable and spares no driver!

That’s why having valid car insurance is a must for most drivers if they’re looking to avoid a hefty windscreen repair or replacement bill. However, here’s the catch – most Malaysian drivers are not aware that their car insurance plans do not cover the costs of repairs or replacements of their car windscreen and glass windows! This is in fact a very nasty surprise for many drivers on the road.

What exactly is windscreen insurance cover?

Windscreen insurance is often part of an add-on coverage to your main car insurance policy. This form of coverage includes your front and back windscreens, all door windows and sunroof glass window.

In fact, you should have a look at your car insurance policy and search for “Endorsement 89” – this is the part of the add-on coverage that specifically applies to breakages of glass in windscreens, windows and sunroofs. Always ensure your add-on coverage includes this clause to protect your car windscreen!

At their simplest form, windscreen insurances cover the cost needed to repair or replace these glass parts in case they are damaged. With these additional coverage, you can avoid paying for repair and replacement costs out of your pocket!

Most drivers, especially if you’re a frequent traveler on long-distance and high-speed highways, will find this useful as it can be quite expensive to replace your windscreen, especially as the most susceptible part of your car to get damaged by flying objects is your windscreen!

Is it worth getting and claiming car windscreen insurance?

Most of the time, additional coverage that includes your car windscreen will cost you an approximate 15% of the sum insured for your windscreen. For example, if your car’s windscreen costs RM 1,000 to be replaced, you’ll need to pay an extra RM 150 (15% of RM 1,000) on top of your insurance premium.

While this might sound like a large amount of additional costs to your car insurance premiums yearly, here’s a quick breakdown on how car windscreen insurance will benefit you at the end of the day:

1.  Replacing your car windscreen without a car windscreen insurance

While you’ve managed to save RM150 for the year, you’ll have to fork out RM 1,000 yourself! While you are usually able to claim this from a typical comprehensive car coverage, there’s a major catch – you will lose your No Claim Discount (NCD) which might hike up the cost of your car insurance in the future!

2.  Replacing your car windscreen with a car windscreen insurance

Yes, you’ll have to spend an additional RM150 for your yearly windscreen

insurance cover – but this will pay off if your car windscreen is damaged and is required to be replaced even after 5 years!

Additionally, you should be able to claim from the additional car windscreen insurance coverage without changing your NCD on your main car insurance policy!

How can you ensure your car has windscreen insurance?

It’s actually a very simple process – whenever you renew your car insurance (remember, only comprehensive cover), you should let your agent know that you’d like to add this cover to your main policy. If you’re renewing your car insurance by yourself, just take a mental note to include this in your next policy!

However, this add-on coverage can be also be done anytime! You should also take this time to check for the type of car insurance policy plan you are currently on. It should usually fall under these categories:

Third party cover: Your insurance policy will pay for the damages you caused on others, such as damages to their cars or properties, their bodily injuries and death.

Third party, fire and theft: This is where your insurance policy covers not only everything that is covered by a third party policy, but also the cost of damages of your own vehicle due to fire and theft.

Comprehensive cover: This is the most comprehensive type of car insurance policy where it covers all of the above, as well as covers your losses and damages on your own vehicle due to an accident. The only type of car insurance plan that offers windscreen cover.

What documents do you need for a car windscreen insurance claim?

1. For private vehicles

  • Owner IC and Driving License
  • Driver IC and Driving License (If required)
  • Cover Note or Insurance Policy
  • Kad Pendaftaran Kenderaan (Geran Kereta)

2. For company-registered vehicles

  • Authorised Driver IC and Driving License (GDL or PSV is required for good-carrying vehicle)
  • Cover Note or Insurance Policy
  • Kad Pendaftaran Kenderaan (Geran Kereta)
  • Business Registration(front pages only)
  • Company Chop

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