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A chipped, cracked or damaged windscreen can mean much more than a simple eyesore. Did you know that it might even be illegal to drive your car with a cracked windscreen? That’s why it is important to have a car windscreen repair for your safety.

In fact, driving a car with a crack that’s more than 6 inches is an offense under the Road Transport Act 1987.

Though issues with your windscreen might seem less urgent than a mechanical fault in you car, windscreen damage can actually be much more dangerous for not just you, but also the occupants of your car and your fellow road users.

It may not seem like your car’s most obvious safety feature, but a properly fitted and well maintained windscreen plays more of a safety role than you might think. That’s the importance of a proper car windscreen repair. 

The Dangers of Driving With A Damaged Windscreen

1) Compromised Structural Integrity

Even minor damage such as a crack can dramatically effect your windscreen’s structural integrity. This not only makes your windscreen more susceptible to shattering when hit by flying road debris or cracking over time, but can put the lives of you and the occupants of your car at grave risk. That’s the importance of a proper car windscreen repair. 

2) Airbag Deployment

In a collision, most airbags deploy in 35 milliseconds. To put this speed into perspective, it takes approximately 200 milliseconds to blink your eye. Hence, front airbags rely on the rigidity of your windscreen to inflate outwards and provide the maximum amount of protection. A proper car windscreen repair saves lives!

If a windscreen is damaged or poorly bonded, the force exerted as the airbag deploys can shatter or completely detach the windscreen, causing the airbag to inflate in the wrong direction, and provide no protection to the driver and front passenger.

3) Rollover Accidents

As cars get lighter and pillars get thinner, greater reliance has been placed on windscreens to provide occupant protection in rollover accidents. Research has shown that in these situations, the displacement of the roof towards the occupants of the car can be increased by up to 30%, if a windscreen is damaged or poorly bonded.

4) Passenger Ejection

It goes without saying that you and your passengers should wear your seat belts at all times. However, in the event of a collision, your windscreen also serves as a barrier to protect you and your passengers from being ejected from the car. If your windscreen has even a minor crack, this means it is fundamentally weaker than it needs to be and may not be able to withstand the force of a body being hurled against it. Again, a proper car windscreen repair helps to save lives!

Is Your Car Windscreen Cracked Or Chipped? Here’s What You Should Do

#1 Take A Photograph

Taking a quality picture of the damage is one of the first things to do!

This can be used as evidence when you file an insurance claim.

A loose piece of gravel or small debris is all it takes to cause a crack to your windscreen or a scratch to a window.

Photographing the damage and your surroundings at the time of damage will be an asset in the case.

#2 Examine The Damage

Take a good look at the damage. If the crack is split in several directions, it will most likely result in a total replacement of the windscreen.

Measuring the length of the crack on the windscreen or window glass will help determine whether you need a repair or replacement. If a crack is within 6 inches, it will be able to be repaired. Whereas, if it is over 6 inches, it will require a total windscreen replacement.

#3 Make an Insurance Claim

This step is only applicable if you have vehicle insurance that covers windscreen and/or window damage.

Insurance provides peace of mind by taking care of huge expenses that might occur. It’s better to have insurance than resort to a cheap car windscreen repair that may cause further damage in the long run. Most glass repair or windscreen replacement providers frequently deal with insurance companies, making your task easier.

#4 Get In Contact With Professionals

It’s better to go to a provider that specialises in car windscreen repair rather than going to a general mechanic. Specialists can offer a comprehensive service with knowledge specifically surrounding glass and windscreen repair.

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