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Have you ever wondered how your car’s windscreen protect you? Well, it’s simple – windscreens are made with modern manufacturing wonder in order to withstand most impacts from objects flying through the air! It’s also become much easier to find windscreen chip repairs everywhere you go these days.

While there are plenty of different ways your windscreen can be damaged (depending on the type of object, of course), there are often minuscule damages that can be almost invisible to the naked eye.

For example, chips usually come from stones, rocks or gravel that hit the windscreen at high speed. This commonly happens when tires of vehicles in front of you fling debris behind them, or objects are thrown up and across the road from a car passing in the opposite direction.

Additionally, small rocks falling from trucks or construction sites can also cause chips, from microscopic pitting to large, noticeable ones. Most drivers will be alerted to this with a minor pop sound upon impact even if it’s not directly visible.

Here are some common signs of a windscreen chip on your car:

  • A visually prominent chip or minor crack on the surface of your windscreen
  • You sense a slight deflection of light and diffraction from your car’s windscreen
  • You are noticeably distracted when you drive by a mark on your windscreen in your field of view

Can you safely wash cars with a windscreen chip?

In short – it depends. Many people, whether consciously or unconsciously, do take their cars for car washes when there’s a windscreen chip on their car.

Most people who do so often don’t notice or don’t see additional damages to their car’s windscreen chips. However, there is definitely a risk of worsening your windscreen’s chip when additional pressure is applied to the chip. 

However, be assured that a chip on your windscreen would not be a significant issue with car washes than a crack. That’s because when your car goes through the car wash, the water and soap are likely stopped and insulated from the inner layer of the glass!

Importance of going for a windscreen chip repair

While a windscreen chip can appear as just a slight blemish to the appearance of your car, it can eventually evolve into a major safety issue for your vehicle and any passengers within it.

Many experts agree that driving with a damaged windscreen risks your life, your passenger’s life as well as the lives of drivers around you simply because you are at a higher risk of an unforeseen car accident.

This is because a damaged windshield, regardless of whether it’s a chip, a crack or improperly fitted windscreen, can cause issues for the overall visibility of the driver or even the structural support for the car.

Today, windscreen chip repairs cost less than your average grocery bill. So why take the risk of endangering your own and your passenger’s life?

With a professional who is equipped with the right tools and the proper expertise, a common windscreen chip repair session can be completed within an hour.

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