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Cracks in windscreens are unpleasant things, and most of the time, they are unnoticeable to the driver who’s been driving the car for a long period of time. The people who usually point them out are the passengers of the car.

Despite the low chances of acquiring a crack, it wouldn’t hurt to have it covered by your car insurance. It still raises questions, though. What causes a windscreen crack, and is it possible to prevent them? Let’s take a closer look at this. 

How does the windscreen get damaged?

A high-quality windscreen is relatively durable, but it is susceptible to damage because it is made of glass. The following are some of the most frequent causes of windscreen cracks and chips:

Bad weather

In Malaysia’s ever-changing weather, bad weather is one of the causes of your car’s windscreen damage. The same damage that stones can do on your windscreen can also be caused by tree branches and other debris carried by strong winds. During strong winds, staying off the roads and using your covered parking place may be a great idea. 

Installed poorly

Due to structural defects in the glass, stress cracks can also damage a windscreen. The windscreen’s edges are the part that cracks the most frequently, and these fractures generally start there. Improper installation can also be the reason for these fractures.

In order for your windscreen to offer the structural support and protection it is intended to in the event of a collision, it is crucial to ensure that it has been correctly installed by a windscreen specialist and is constructed of high-quality materials.


It’s possible that you were involved in an accident and spotted a crack in your windscreen, but interestingly enough, that wasn’t where the collision happened. Shockwaves from the collision would undoubtedly travel if any portions of the car were to experience such a strong force.

These shockwaves could make their way to your windshield, where it creates pressure that causese a crack. Fortunately, windscreens are designed to withstand heavy impacts; they won’t easily shatter into pieces if an accident occurs.

Driving cautiously and vigilantly while constantly paying attention to your surroundings is the best method to prevent this kind of damage to your windscreen.

Low-quality product

Windscreen glass that is cheap and of poor quality is more prone to have construction flaws than a glass of higher quality. Even while the flaws might not be apparent right away, little weak spots might eventually grow into significant cracks.

When you spend money on a new windscreen, go with a specialist who only offers trustworthy and durable windscreens from reputable companies. High-quality windscreens are less likely to require frequent replacement in the future, despite the fact that they could cost a little bit more. 

Road Debris

Among the most common reasons for windscreen damage are rocks, stones, pebbles, and gravel thrown up by other vehicles’ tyres (or falling from the back of a truck). These swift moving, small, hard projectiles can easily hit your windscreen, cracking or chipping the glass.

Although there isn’t much you can do to prevent it, having plenty of space between your car and the vehicle in front will reduce the likelihood of this happening. Generally speaking, you should slow down if another car is passing you, and you should also drive more cautiously on gravel and in places where construction is taking place.

Change of pressure

Another cause of a cracked windscreen is pressure. Say you are driving down the road and notice a Strong Wind Ahead sign. At that point, you’ll need to slow down.

In order to withstand the strains of driving, car windscreens must be among the strongest types of glass available. However, car windscreens can develop stress fractures under certain unfavourable situations, such as quick or severe pressure changes. 

A sudden pressure change could occur as a result of an object pressing against or falling onto the windscreen, whereas a rapid pressure change is caused by the forces acting on your car when you drive at very high speeds.

Safety Is Always The Best Policy When Driving On The Road

Depending on the size and position of the chip on your windscreen, you might be able to repair it. In order to prevent chips from weakening the windscreen’s structural integrity and rapidly developing into full-fledged cracks, windscreen chip repair should be done as soon as possible. However, a cracked windscreen needs to be fixed before the car can be driven again.

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